Welcome to the Polandarrow wiki!

Here is a list of irregular countries:

  • Polandarrow is upside down and has a grey top
  • Israel is a mouse, Why? JEWISH PHYSICS
  • Kazakhstan is a hexagon because Kazakhstan can into HEX
  • Fourth Reich is a ring.
  • Singapore and Burmuda are normal balls (The only ones that can be drawn without tools)
  • USA is a short and fat arrow wearing sunglasses
  • UK wears a monocle and tophat
  • Chile is a long and thin arrow
  • Belarus is a potato that Latvia likes to eat
  • Ukraine is sometimes an arrow but Poland frequently turns him into an apple.
  • Nepal is a rawrarrow, which looks like a nepal being with a reflected one the other way
  • Alaska can sometimes turn into a bear
  • Panama is divided into 2 vertically
  • Buckinghamshire is a disc because the Polandball Wikia didn't allow Buckinghamshire to be a disc - _ -
  • Omsk bird is an elephant